Hi, I'm Paul Anthony 👋

I help creatives to build businesses: from business model shaping and user research to product design and full-stack development to hiring your early team and growing your engineering organisation.

My products are built on the Google Cloud platform using languages like ReactJS, VueJS, Node, and Python.

I was previously the founder at 🎺 Fanfare, where my team helped creators build ecommerce stores with millions of dollars in sales, launch courses to thousands of students and hundreds of thousands of revenue, and grow subscription content businesses to tens of thousands of members.

Currently living in Singapore for most of the year. I have travelled to >40 countries and have lived in Manchester, New York City, Mountain View, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Bangkok, and Amsterdam.

Entrepreneurial since Primary School.

Random fact #1  :  I've slept at Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts’ house

Get in touch

One of the best decisions I ever made was to reach out to strangers on the internet who I think might share some interests. If you think chatting might be fun / interesting / helpful then here is a standing invitation to get in touch.

You can send me an email or DM me on Twitter @paulantwilliams

Random fact #2 : King Théoden is my uncle

My experience

🎺 Fanfare

Founder & CEO  Founded Fanfare, a platform that makes it easy for online creators to publish, promote and get paid for digital products, newsletters, and online courses. Started to build after my 11 years experience building subscription businesses, working in digital publishing, and helping online video creators. Advertising is bullshit.

📹  STRskillSchool

Video Creator  Made videos with more than 15 million views for 1.4 million subscriber YouTube channel STRskillSchool, and worked with brands including adidas, Vauxhall and Chupa Chups.

🐺  Game of Thrones

Extra  Took a few months off in Ireland to be an extra in Season 7 of Game of Thrones. Played a Stark Guard in Winterfell. The North Remembers.

👨🏼‍💻  Kokuroku Media

Founder & CEO  Built a full service digital agency in spare time. At peak had a 12 person team providing web development, digital marketing and multimedia content production services, including brand work for airbnb, BMW, Puma, Expedia, Student Flights and EA Sports.

⚽️  The Coaching Manual

Managing Editor  Helped The Coaching Manual grow from early-stage startup to world's leading video resource library for soccer coaches. Provided website development, full-stack content production, grew vibrant social media community, and built email marketing funnels which helped to reduce burn rate, increase revenue more than 20x, and become cash-flow positive whilst growing and managing a team of ~30 remote and contractor staff.

🎙  The Coaching Manual Podcast

Host  Traveled the world to interview the best coaches and teachers. Handled scheduling, filming, and audio then managed transcription, promotion, and recycling answers for additional social media and website content.

⚽️  Better Football

Founder & CEO  Launched 'soccer coaching sessions as a service' micro-business whilst at University. Profitable in 2 weeks and full-time income in 2 months. Whilst travelling through Asia I expanded to a remote team of 4 and built a digital magazine (2nd iPad magazine in the UK), a successful website, iTunes' most popular soccer coaching podcast, a video series, and a book. Helped Greater Sport and The FA develop a mentorship scheme which became a nationwide programme in 2010.

Acquired in 2011.

✍️  Sports Journalist

Freelance Contributor  Appearances on BBC, Sky Sports ,CNN, and published in FourFourTwo, T3 magazine, and many others. Authored two books about coaching and education.

🕹  N64 Mapped

Founder & Editor  Created my first 'magazine' aged 12. Walkthroughs and reviews of Nintendo 64 games hand-crafted by a team of 3. Hugely profitable... as long as I surreptitiously printed all the issues on my dad's company photocopier when he wasn't looking.

Random fact #3 : I've been on TV a dozen times. Eleven with a pen name, once anonymously, but never with my real name.